3 Weeks Old

Activities: Chicks are now having regular "field trips" outside.  They are learning how to go up the ladder.  They enjoy the outdoors and their new snacks (spinach and mealworms).

Chick Growth:  They have most of their feathers and are about 6 inches tall.

Instructions of care: Brooder temps are at 80-85 degrees.  We are introducing some veggies to their diet.  We have added chick grit to the starter feed to help with digestion.

2 Weeks Old

Activities:  Last Thursday the kids had to say goodbye to 
the chicks.  They were getting too big and I feel that it was stressing them out to be at school.  So, I decided to take them home so that I can let them into the coop in the afternoon.  I promised the students that I would take lots of pictures and video them weekly.  

This worked until today.  Since it has been cold and rainy here for the last two days, I had to make a bigger brooder.  Here is the link to the brooder that I had to put together last minute.


Chick Growth:  The chicks have doubled in size.  They all have tail and wing feathers.  Some even have neck feathers.

Instructions of care: Had to move tp a bigger brooder.  Brooder temps are between 85-90 degrees.  Chicks are still eating chick feed.  

1 Week Old

Chicks will visit the children at school during the week and will come home with me on the weekends.

The children have had fun coming up with names for the chicks.

Dixie, Penny, Amy, Betsy, Daisy, Charolette, Minnie, Florence, Opal, Ginger, Honey, Bernadette, Lucy, Priya, Hazel, Frizzle, Pepper, Baylee, Sparkle, Rose, Paisley, Lizzy, Nikki, Carmen, Piper

Sylvester, Sheldon, Leonard, Dale, Sizer, Zac, Valor

Chick growth:
The chicks are growing fast!  They are starting to get there wing and tail feathers.  Some are even trying to fly.

Instructions of care:

Continue to provide dry warm environment.  Lower temperature to 90-95 degrees.  Clean water everyday and continue to feed chick starter.  I have added a stick, so they can start to roost.

Chicks Have Arrived!

These adorable chicks have arrived!  

We ordered 18 chicks and 21 chicks arrived.  All of them have survived.  My daughter picked them up from the Post Office and Face-timed us as she unboxed them.

They will be spending the first few days at my home, but the students are so excited that they will be at school next Monday.

Here are my instructions of care:

1. Place paper towels in brooder box.

2.  Prepare sugar water (1 teaspoon to 1 quart of warm water).

3. Dip each chicks beak into warm water mixture (98 degrees) as you place them into brooder box.

4. Sprinkle feed on paper towel

5.   Place crumbled egg yolks on top of feed.

6.  After the first 4 hours.  Change water.  Don't add sugar, but continue to provide warm water for the first 24 hours.  Add feeders.

7. Make sure that the temperature is between 90-100 degrees for the first few days

8.  Keep chicks warm, dry, and clean!

* Keep Amprol on hand

Preparing for Arrival

Building TWO Brooder Boxes (because 1 just won't be enough as they grow)

2 50-Gallon plastic tubs
1 Roll of hardware net
Plastic zip ties
2- Heat Lamps with clamps, and red light bulbs
1 bundle of pine shavings

Cordless drill
1/4" drill bit
1/2" drill bit
Wire Cutters

Building the Boxes

1. Draw lines on lid to mark where you will cut hole.  Drill holes in each corder with 1/2 inch drill bit.  

2. Cut a hole at the top of each of the boxes with jigsaw.

3. Measure the net and use the wire cutters to cut. 

3.  Drill 1/4" holes around the lid and attach the netting with zip ties.

Now you are ready to add heat lamps and pine shavings!

FYI... Be careful when cutting the wire netting!  It likes to coil back at ya!

Check back soon!  Our chicks will be born and shipped this Monday!

Special Guests Will be Arriving Soon!

We will soon be hosting about 20 chicks in our classroom.  I am so excited and I am sure the children will be too!

I plan to blog you through each step of the process. So, be sure to subscribe to see the excitement unfold.

Ordering Chicks!

After talking to several professionals and doing hours of online research;  I have decided that I will be ordering a variety of chicks online.  YEP! ONLINE! 


I have chosen a variety of chicks that will lay different colored eggs and a few that I think are just adorable.  So here is the variety that I have chosen...

Welsummer (for dark brown and speckled eggs)
A variety of Polish chicks.  These will include White Crested Black Polish, Buff Laced Polish, Silver Laced Polish, Golden Laced Polish, White Polish, Splash Polish, or White Crested Blue Polish. .(These are for the cuteness factor)
Black Ameraucana (for blue eggs)
Assorted Rainbow females.  These will be a great surprise and I am hoping the students will be able to learn about identifying the chicks.

The chicks will be born and shipped April 2nd!  I will start to prepare for them this weekend.  Stay tuned!

Fun Week in First

This has been a (full moon) FUN week in first grade!

I started off this week with a boost.   Over the weekend I was named Classroom Teacher of the Year for my school district.  I am so honored to be nominated by my colleagues.  A big THANK YOU to everyone who has believed in me, encouraged me, and inspired me!

This was the end of the month, so my monsters earned their Classroom Dojo belts for January.  Each month if my students earn an 80% or better in conduct according to Class Dojo, they earn a belt.  This belt system works just like the karate belts.  They start with a white belt and go up to a 2nd degree black belt.  Each time they earn a belt, they also earn prizes.  This is a great modivater for my students!

We had a few checked out and a few missing from the picture...

Another exciting event this week was our Fry Party!  We had to reschedule this event because of our snow day.  My students had to read the first 100 Fry words in order to be invited.  They got to enjoy a short movie and french fries.  They earned it!

Here are a few of my girls enjoying their fries...