Fun Week in First

This has been a (full moon) FUN week in first grade!

I started off this week with a boost.   Over the weekend I was named Classroom Teacher of the Year for my school district.  I am so honored to be nominated by my colleagues.  A big THANK YOU to everyone who has believed in me, encouraged me, and inspired me!

This was the end of the month, so my monsters earned their Classroom Dojo belts for January.  Each month if my students earn an 80% or better in conduct according to Class Dojo, they earn a belt.  This belt system works just like the karate belts.  They start with a white belt and go up to a 2nd degree black belt.  Each time they earn a belt, they also earn prizes.  This is a great modivater for my students!

We had a few checked out and a few missing from the picture...

Another exciting event this week was our Fry Party!  We had to reschedule this event because of our snow day.  My students had to read the first 100 Fry words in order to be invited.  They got to enjoy a short movie and french fries.  They earned it!

Here are a few of my girls enjoying their fries...

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